Sunday, September 20, 2009

baby tags and box

This is an order that I just finished making. It was for a lady that is making gift baskets for babies and wanted me to make the tags to go on the baskets. She asked for ten in total, 2 in each colour, white, pink, blue, yellow and green. I stamped a bunch of different images and colored them in and attached them to the tags, a couple of them I stamped right onto the tag and then some of them I popped up as well. Then I decided that I needed something to take them to her and I thought a small box was in order, so I made the box and put them in and added the label baby tags to it, figuring on if she starts to run out then she can call and ask me to refill the box.
Well that's it for today. Oh and the challenge for this week at Stamptacular is to make anything but a card so I guess this rates. +

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