Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've been given a few awards.

Hi Everyone, I've been given a few awards and I'm honored that two of my blogging buddies and friends have given me such awards. It means alot to me that they like my work and my blog. Thanks Julie and Barb, I really appreciate it.
Now onto what I have to do that is list 5 things I can't live without.
1 My husband, who is truely my best friend and partner in life.
2. Friends, they are without a doubt a treasure to have and you can never have enough of them.
3 My 5 feathered friends, Bandit, Lee Lee, Georgie Girl, Houdini, and Hercules, they give me such joy in life.
4. My cardmaking supplies. I could live without the rest of my crafting things but not these as this is my true passion.
5. Music, which makes the world go around. I love to have it on when I'm cooking, cleaning crafting and even at work.
I'm also to nominate a few people that I know for these awards as well.
First I'd like to nominate Von, a friend from England, who has been a great help in teaching me the art of stamping.
Second I'd like to nominate Nicky, she is the first person that I took a stamping class from and is one classy lady.
Third I'd like to nominate Sonya, she's a friend that hasn't been doing much crafting lately, but still inspires me when she does.
Forth I'd like to nominate Emily, I've been keeping up with her blog for about a year now, and she does some nice things and also has some great tutorials.
Last but definitely not least I'd like to nominate Emma another one of my friends from England who's in a group that I belong to.


  1. Thank you! That's really sweet of you to pass the award along to me!

  2. Thank you CIndy your so sweet :)

    Im not sure how the blog awards work tho? Havent been blogging for long, lol :)

    Have a lovely day :)

    Em xx

  3. Oh crumbs Cindy what do I do now lol