Saturday, October 17, 2009

I've been given an award.

Hi Everyone. I just got a blog award from my dear friend, Wendy . Make sure you go over to her blog and visit. She is doing a special Breast cancer awareness month of blogging, which is has a special place in both our hearts since we have both been treated for it. I have to say 10 things about myself and then give it to 5 people who inspire me.

1. I'm a Toronto Maple Leaf's Hockey fanatic, have to watch every game.

2. I have 3 feathered friends, Bandit my conure, Lee Lee, my cockatiel, and Georgie Girl my lovebird.

3. I'm a 2nd Degree Blackbelt in the Chito Ryu style of Karate.

4. My favorite movie of all time is The Sound of Music.

5. When I'm not at work, you can find me in my paper crafts room on the computer or creating something.

6. Stamping is the last of the papercrafts that I've learned I've done Pergamano, 3d paper tole, Embroidery, Iris folding and a number of others before stamping.

7. I'm a breast cancer survivor of 2 years.

8. In the past 3 years, I've had every part of my body MRI'd, scanned or xrayed, to make sure there is no more cancer, as well as for arthritis which I have reumatoid and psoriatic types.

9. I've been living in the town of Aurora for 22 years, and met my husband in the co-op where I live.

10. I speak two languages, English and Dutch. the dutch not so good but can read and understand it very well.

Now for the 5 ladies I'd like to give this too.

First and foremost, my good friend Julie, who is the best friend a person could have. She's sweet caring and the most inspirng person I know. You and visit her Julie's Rubber Temple

Second I'd like to give it to Sharri, a friend of mine for the last several years, we both started out doing pergamano and have since taken up stamping and other things, she is a wonderful person who has just started blogging after bugging her for a while. Check her out here.

Third I'd like to give it to another fellow canadian Barb. I met Barb a couple of years ago and she's got such a unique style and a love of all papercraft. Catch her on her blog here.

Fourth I'd like to give it to my friend from the other side of ocean, Von. She's inspiring in all she does, I have learned alot from her as far as stamping goes. You can find Von's blog here

The Fifth and final person and certainly just as well deserved and another friend I've met recently and is always inspiring me to keep going is Shell from Alaska. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and your friendship gal. You can check her out here

Again thanks to Wendy and to everyone out there that inspire me.
Take care all

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