Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A is for Animal

A is for Animal, and these were inspired by wanting to do some cards for the animal lovers, of all kinds. With my job I have a few minutes here and there and decided to take some embroidery with me. So I started of working on these guys, there a set of three safari animals. I had done two elephants the same and started working on a bit of a two by two thing.
I've also done a few other ones, but have finished them by putting in the backing or putting them on some other backing like the second lion one. As I finish them I'll put up pictures.


  1. They look lovely Cindy :) I cant do thinghs like that!

    The goldy ones would probably look really nice mounted onto some gold card, it would set they off more :) Em xx

  2. They are lovely Cindy great stitching

  3. great fun cards Cindy love the elephant lol