Monday, January 12, 2009

Monagrammed Note Cards

Hi Everyone, well this hasn't got to do with the alphabet thing that Von and I are doing on our blog, but I wanted to show you the monogrammed cards that I did that are part of whats going into the altered tin that I showed previously. I am adding some regular cards like birthday, anniversary, get well and thank you cards as well, but wanted to add some note cards too. So these were quick and easy simple ones that I've done.
The first set are stamped on the bottom with a border, adding a paper above and then the monogram, the second set are just using embossing folders from cuttlebug borders and then adding the Monogram.


  1. Oh she will be so pleased with them I'm sure, nice to be able to send monogamed cards tehe very posh

  2. I like how you've done these, very nice.